Sunday, 12 February 2017

Frisky Rhythms Episode 17-05

The latest radio show is now available on catch up. This particular episode includes tracks & mixes from Tonya Moore, Rebecca Scales, Miguel Migs, Leroy Burgess, Husky, Hot Wind, DJ Kemit, Carlos Sanchez, Café 432, The Blak Beatniks, Miss Swaby, Lorenzo Tyler, Anthony Poteat, Andre Espeut, Reelsoul, Lisa Shaw, Eric Kupper, Soulphonix, DJ Spen & Thommy Davis.

The show is broadcast every Saturday at 6pm on Housebeat Radio - and again at 9pm on House of Foundation Radio - (both UK times).

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Happy Birthday Duffnote

14 years old today, Richard Earnshaw's Duffnote Records has been one of the most consistent labels since its inception. Back in 2003, the dance music scene was in a state of flux as it adjusted to the slow down in vinyl through the use of CDJ players moving towards digital downloads and virtual DJ software. At that point, Duffnote was distributed by Soulfuric whose own label had played host to Earnshaw's first two solo singles, "People Are People" and "Joyride". As the market moved further towards the digital platform and vinyl took a back seat, each of the labels, Duffnote included, moved away from the distribution model to operate independently. It was not by accident that this coincided with the launch of Traxsource, itself the brainchild of Brian Tappert & Marc Pomeroy at Soulfuric. The years since have seen the Duffnote family expand to include One51 Recordings and Guess Records under the umbrella of Kinetic Music Group. The output from each of the labels has its own unique signature and to those who know and love the labels, there is a clear sense of identity and belonging to each of the releases they bring to market. I've been trying to cast my mind back to a couple of the conversations I had with Richard back in the early days of the label but one of those was at Ministry after several beers so my memory is understandably hazy. Anyway, until I recall a little more of the detail, I'll finish off by congratulating Richard for 14 years of success and by picking out a few of my personal favourites from the now sizeable Duffnote back catalogue.

Tune of the Week

Elbert Phillips ft Terrance Downs - Feeling Good [Tambor Music]

This week's pick comes from Tambor Music, a label that's new for me although it has already been responsible for eight previous releases. There are six mixes in all with Elbert's Original Mix and Dub both treading a soulful, tribal path. Mike Dunn's Blackball Soulfrica Mix has made an instant impression and will definitely feature in an upcoming radio show before too long has passed. The blend of crisp rhythms and charming chords are really easy on the ear. Mike's Instrumental and TV Track retain the vibe of his remix while offering the opportunity for a little creativity during a set. The final mix is by no means the least as Kalim Shabazz produces a soothing, interpretation that keeps things soulful. Many will recognise the voice of Terrance Downs who has featured on a number of releases from Ananda Project over the years. His performance on vocals is simply amazing and the result is an engaging piece of music that I'm confident I'll enjoy revisiting for years to come. Highly recommended!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Frisky Rhythms Episode 17-04

This week's episode includes tracks and mixes from Louis Benedetti Music, Tony Momrelle, Blak Beatniks, Groove Junkies, Sheila Ford, Sir LSG, Rhemi, Sir Piers, Michael Watford, Antonello Ferrari, Louie Vega, Sy Smith, Solara, Reelsoul, Ayanda Jiya, Ricky Morrison, Monique Bingham, Dawn Tallman, Richard Earnshaw, Mark Di Meo, DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins.

The show is broadcast every Saturday between 6pm and 7pm on Housebeat Radio - and again between 9pm and 10pm on House of Foundation Radio - (both UK time)
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Friday, 3 February 2017

Promo Heat

This is the pick of the promos to arrive in my inbox this week. Brand new from Ralf GUM's GoGo Music imprint it's a beautifully constructed soulful gem with the sweetest of vocals. The mixes come from Sir LSG and Josh Milan so you know without evening listening that this is one to check out sooner rather than later. I'll add a few more words later this weekend, until then you can listen for yourself in the embedded player below.

Tune of the Week

I've been looking out for this one landing for a couple of weeks since Louie started teasing us with the artwork. There aren't many artists whose music I buy without first listening but with Adeva on vocals and an all star cast on the remixes this was never going to disappoint. My pick of the package is the Rhemi Remix of "In The Morning" but the various remixes of "I Deserve To Breathe" all hit the spot nicely too. Out on promo today and due for general release on the 17th February, this is one you won't want to miss.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

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